If you are looking for a lovely setting for an elegant rustic wedding in the countryside, or an idyllic lavender wedding set amongst the ‘purple haze’, consider celebrating your special day with us, here at our farm. 

The weddings we have hosted at Willowfield have each been uniquely beautiful. There are several areas for the ceremony itself; i.e, in the gazebo in the lavender field, the wisteria trellis at the entrance to the field, or the pergola in the garden covered with wisteria vines and nestled next to the woods. We are blessed by each wedding we have had here at Willowfield. You may email us at with any questions you may have.  Also, you can read our Wedding/Reception Contract posted on our Detail Page to gain further details.  Please let us know if we can share your special day here at our farm.

Willowfield Lavender Farm is an organic lavender farm with approximately 1,000 plants covering a four-acre field.   Our love of gardening and wildlife brought us to this land in 1992.  Our farm includes 28 acres, many of which are woodlands providing home to a variety of plants and animals.   In October, 2001, we planted our first 100 lavender plants.  It has been a labor of love ever since.  Lavender is one of the most beloved plants in the world–and our experience as lavender farmers has taught us why.  It requires hard work and dedication; but, the benefits are well worth it.  In 2008, we visited the amazing lavender fields in Provence, France.   The lavender was at the peak of its bloom, and beautiful beyond description.  Also, in the high altitudes of that region, the finest lavender variety in the world grows wild, ‘lavande du population.’  This particular variety can only be found in the mountainous regions of France.   Our trip to Provence has inspired us to learn even more about this most amazing plant. We are excited to share our joy in what we are learning and we look forward to your visit to our farm where you can enjoy a relaxing stroll in our fields as you experience the ‘gift’ of lavender.


For professional photo shoots, Willowfield Lavender Farm charges $100 per session.  This does allow the professional to schedule a shoot before and after hours, which is the prime time for the best light.  

For those of you who visit the farm and want to take pictures, there is no charge for that.  This is only permitted to the public during our regular farm hours: i.e., 10 - 4 daily, Tuesdays thru Saturdays.  However, professional photography, during our farm hours as well, will be charged the $100 fee.

The farm is a beautiful backdrop for many types of photography...the lavender is in bloom roughly from mid June thru mid July with some re-bloom in August and on.  Even when the lavender has been harvested, our farm continues to lure the guests with wild flowers, paths into the woods, etc.

We welcome you to visit us and enjoy the peaceful beauty of Willowfield Lavender Farm.